Our Stairlift rental prices are well below any UK Stairlift rental companies that offer stairlift rentals

Costs to Rent Hire a Stairlift

How much to rent hire a stairlift
We believe we are the cheapest stairlift rentals in the UK

Costs of renting stairlifts
The price of renting a stairlift from GB stairlifts is very low compared to other UK stairlift rental companies. £350.00 Installation Fee £45.00 Per Month stairlift rental.

"Stairlift rental prices from GB Stairlifts are well below all our competitors"

The above prices are for a standard stairlift installation where no other additional extras are required! Manual or Powered Hinge Rails, Manual or Powered hinge platforms or any additional work required to ensure the stairlift can be used operated correctly.

*** Costs of Extra Options ***

• Manual Hinge Track- for a doorway or hallway at the lower level £299.00
• Manual Platform- for stairs with one turn at the top £299.00
• Power Point- If no adjacent power point is available £95.00

We expect you to treat our rental stairlifts like you would your own. We fully maintain the stairlift with no additional costs! We do not cover accidental damage IE broken covers damaged or soiled seats.

The above prices are fully inclusive! No hidden or additional costs are applied. There is no fixed or minimum rental term! You can rent a straight stairlift from
us for as long as you need it? 2 Days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 Years.

When we say fully inclusive we mean fully inclusive! Full breakdown emergency cover, Replacement of worn out exhausted stairlift batteries, Free annual service and inspection. Even if your rental stairlift never breaks down we will still require access at least once a year to service and inspect the lift to ensure correct operation of all safety circuits.

We can supply you with stairlift rentals normally the same day
fastest stairlift rentals in the Northwest
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